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What: National Solidarity Teach-In

When: Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 2011 at 12 noon

Where:  CSULB Campus, Upper Quad (-map-)

Who: occupycsulb@gmail.com 

You’ve heard about Occupy Wall Street. You’ve seen footage of Occupy Los Angeles. You might even know about rallies for Occupy Long Beach. Not sure what the “Occupy” movement is about? Want to learn how to get involved? Come and participate in Occupy CSULB’s inaugural event at the Upper Quad on campus November 2nd.

The National Solidarity Teach-In, created by Occupy Colleges, will provide curious students access to experts, activists, and peers that can answer any and all questions regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement. These open dialogue workshops will teach students the fundamentals of General Assemblies, how Occupy Wall Street movement may affect future elections, historical perspectives on past Occupy Wall Street-like movements, what led to the Occupy Wall Street movement and what is next.

“Operation Defend Education,” sponsored by California Faculty Association (CFA), will provide the creative outlet for the event. Students will paint cardboard shields with slogans tying in the Occupy Movement with Defending Education. These shields will not only be used for future marches and demonstrations, but the CFA is offering a prize for the most creative and potent design.

The event runs all afternoon starting at 12 noon. Please spread the word! Contact us at occupycsulb@gmail.com if you want to run a teach in, help with the event, or bring snacks. College students have historically been the spark that ignites social movements. It’s now our time to take control of our future, to shape our destiny, and proclaim in unison that “WE ARE THE 99%” 

Saturday, November 5th, 2011, 9am-1pm: BANK TRANSFER DAY!

Remember, remember the fifth of November.  

Next Saturday, you are cordially invited to dump your bank. We will meet downtown at the Promenade between Pine Ave. and Long Beach Blvd. at 9am, and split into four groups to close our accounts. These are the downtown locations for the major banks we'll be visiting:

Group 1 will be closing accounts with Citibank, at 1 World Trade Center #100. -Map to Citibank-

Group 2 will be going to Wells Fargo, at 111 W. Ocean Blvd. -Map to Wells Fargo-

Group 3 will be going to Chase at 401 E. Ocean Blvd. -Map to Chase-

Group 4 will be going to Bank of America at 150 N. Long Beach Blvd. -Map to Bank of America-

We will reconvene at Lincoln Park to begin a march to all 4 locations. We will not march until after we reconvene, in order to prevent misunderstandings with the police. 

-Map of Lincoln Park -



In preparation for this action, we will also be holding a Bank Transfer Action on Thursday, October 27th at 5pm. We'll be meeting at Recreation Park, at 7th St and Park Avenue (-map-) to show the public how to escape their banks! Bring theme-related signs, and we will also pass out leaflets to passing cars. Bye bye, banksters...

Bank Transfer Procedure:

1.) Open a new account at a credit union. It's best to use cash so that funds will clear immediately. Find a CU near you at www.findacreditunion.com.

2.) Switch all of your direct deposits, automatic payments and withdrawals to your new account.

3.) Break up with your mega-bank! Here are some helpful guidelines for doing so efficiently: http://www.energybulletin.net/stories/2011-10-26/bank-transfer-day-guide-closing-your-account

BEACH CLEANUP SUNDAY 10/30 @ 10:45am:

Meet at Lincoln Park at 10:45am on Sunday and walk down to the beach for a beach cleanup. Come and join us in giving back to our community by cleaning up! We plan to walk down from Lincoln Park at 11am to the beach near the harbor. 


Tuesday, October 25th, 2011: NEW MEETING SCHEDULE!

At tonight's General Assembly in Lincoln Park, consensus was reached about a new meeting schedule.

Listen to our GA meeting here: General Assembly Meeting 10-25-2011

General Assembly meetings will now be held on

Mondays & Wednesdays at 7:30pm & Saturdays at 4pm in Lincoln Park.

Committee meetings will be held daily from 6pm until 7:30pm, also at Lincoln Park

Map of Lincoln Park: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Lincoln+Park&hl=en


November 5th Bank Closure Day

Click here to sign up with Ocuppy Long Beach to participate.

Click here for a printable flyer!

Which Bank Is Worst For America?

Click here to read the article By Sarah Jaffe and Joshua Holland

from Alternet.org 

Educate Each Other

Teach in Sign up sheet.  Click the link to sign up for teaching classes on subjects that interest you. 


Press Release 10/21/2011

Occupy Long Beach takes it to the streets

October 21, 2011


Contact - occupylongbeach@gmail.com; mollymarina@gmail.com,

562-277-6600; lee@leesalazar.com

LONG BEACH, Oct. 22 // To continue momentum,  Occupy Long Beach has planned three marches this weekend in different parts of the city. The marches will heighten awareness of OLB, as well as confirming its presence in Long Beach.

The first march will start at 10 AM on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Lincoln Park. From there, protesters will march through the financial district in attempt to spread interest for the upcoming Bank Transfer Day, an action that Occupy Long Beach, along with the whole Occupy Wall Street movement has embraced.

The next march is scheduled for 11 PM on Saturday. Occupiers will hit the downtown bars along Pine Ave. to spread awareness. OLB will have its third march on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 2 PM on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore.  It will target the bars and restaurants with outdoor seating in order to raise awareness of OLB and the entire Occupy movement.

Occupy Long Beach is a nonviolent, nonpartisan group that holds General Assemblies daily at 6 PM in Lincoln Park.  It works in solidarity with the over 1500 occupied cities around the globe.

For further information:




DemocracyNOw! Oct 6th


Please see the entire video at DemocracyNow!'s website.

Chomsky Speaks at Occupy Boston


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