Occupy Long Beach

we are the 99%

October 10th, 2011

Meeting called to order at 6:20

Timothy facilitating, Jordan stacks and introducing hand signals.

Tonight’s meeting will focus on a location choice. Tammara stating
debate in group about whether we give the city a choice of location or
if we say this is the location we will occupy. Group says we tell city
where we are going to occupy.

Sharon mentioned that she contacted Mario who negotiated with the city
in LA. He is willing to talk with us.

CC presents top locations for occupation. They must be public spaces.
Bluff Park, Bixby Park, Marina Green and Lincoln Park.

Lincoln- Not big enough and not visible. Limited public facilities
would displace segment of homeless population. Louie hard blocked
Lincoln Park and suggests Victory Park.

Food not Bombs representative says that there are facilities available
there and it is visible to the Blue Line.

Bluff Park- High visibility. Distance to financial district is 2 miles
one way. Good proximity to facilities, beach showers. May displace
small number of community activities but not as many as Bixby Park.

Bixby Park- high visibility, two miles from financial district one
way. Would displace a significant amount of activities and after
school programs and has neighbors who could be irritated by our

Marina Green- visible from Ocean in two places, 1.5 miles total RT to
financial district. Biggest of locations, showers, bathrooms. There
are no community activities there, would displace large events. We
could use half the space if we needed to make concessions. No
immediately close neighbors. Shoreline drive is a work around for
traffic so it gets busy twice a day. Parking lot will help with our
visitors as we grow.

Discussion was opened to group. Hal -Lincoln Park is at a Blue Line
stop and this makes it ideal for people who use public transportation
to gain access to our movement. Leonard- OWC chose financial target,
not a government building. Sharon- the homeless population of Lincoln
Park aren’t against us using it. CC- The Passport bus is free from the
Blue Line to Marina Green. Mike- Marina Green isn’t visible. Hal and
Leonard- Hyatt is right there and they are a corporation with unsafe
working conditions and record profits. Unknown man- we should secure a
large enough space to grow. Liz- there are many high rises next to
Shoreline Drive. Leonard- Marina Green will give us an audience of
tourists from the whole world. Sharon- There are neighbors there,
living on boats. Wynton- Against Bixby because of all the activities
there. Naida- against Bixby because it is too far from Financial

The vote was held by designating 4 areas of park to be the 4
locations. Marina Green has roughly ¾ of the people, Lincoln had ¼.
Timothy stated we have consensus. Hal raised point of procedure and
asked if consensus means majority rules or all people agreeing. A call
for hard blocks was issued and no hard blocks were offered. Ben- who
is going to live at the occupation? Someone- if city denies Marina
Green should we then choose Lincoln Park? Ben- LA did not ask
permission, they informed the city of what they were occupying. Hal-
people need to consider their commitment to this cause. Are you
willing to be arrested? John- As a member of the Rainbow Family, we
have a gathering each summer in a public park. We do not get a permit,
and we stand on our first amendment assembly right. Troy Davis-
Arrests are up to the individual in the moment. Wynton- has been in
contact with police and they are not against us. Leonard- clarifying
what the hard block rules and procedure are. Jordan- we are a group
but also individuals who must make our own decisions. CC- Use the
question sign to ask questions, use hard block only for situations
that will undermine the movement. Sharon hard block- concern that city
is broke and choosing a money making place to occupy could alienate
citizens. John called for non-violence training for all participants
and connected with the Peacekeeping group.

We then broke into 4 logistical working groups. A) Occupation details
for the first 24 hours. B) Route for Saturday March planning C) Media
D) City Manager Group
It was stated that group D had already been formed. Hal raised point
that it needs to be open to all new members who have an interest. All
present agreed with this.

Groups reported back in. A) Planning a Welcome Committee, Food
Distribution Tents, Offsite kitchen will be set up before 15th, needs
list will be put online. List of rules: no alcohol or drugs in camp,
no open flames. B) We will gather on Marina Green at 9AM on the 15th,
rally at 11AM, march at noon on the circular route, which has not been
determined yet. C) There will be a press release of the statement of
principles. They are setting up a Google docs collaborative document
which all may join. D) Ben, Tammara, Hal, Naida, Sharon, and Donald
will meet with the city manager. As a group we agreed not to go to the
city council until we are occupying.

Troy Davis asks if financial statements will be visible. CC- Yes. We
previously agreed on transparency and anyone at the site can come and
ask to see statements. Sharon- Tuesday we will set up an account at
Long Beach Credit Union. We agreed to 3 signers and 2 have to sign all
checks over $10. Any expenditure over $50 is discussed and voted on at
GA. Trudi has written a financial process we need to vote on. When we
collect money two people count it. We raised $127 by passing Sharon’s
hat at this point.

There was discussion on ways to keep our group visible this week. We
agreed to come early and hold signs out by Ocean at Bluff Park. Anyone
is able to go hold signs in the Financial District, but remember
people will see you as a member of our group. Facebook page has flyers
that can be downloaded and copied. Micky has hard copies. The need to
work in solidarity was mentioned.

Media group discovered there is an OccupyLB handle at Twitter. No one
in the group had signed up with that name.

Aaron offered to bring in people to teach about how the group could
handle agent provocateurs. Also he has a logistics list that is on a
safer server in order to document what we are all doing logistically
so that if we lose a key member we know what was going on.

Timothy tabled with some of our members at CSULB today and it was
successful. He needs speakers to come talk to classes about Occupy
Long Beacn.

Leonard’s Conscious Cinema is showing This is What Democracy Looks
Like at 5PM on Oct. 22

Press Telegram ran a story about the March Saturday. You can find it online.

Long Beach Peace Network meets at 7PM at Catalyst Thursday to discuss
their stance on Occupy Long Beach.

Corina and Mike with the Media Committee will be filming and uploading
to YouTube.

CSUDH Labor Activist Meeting will be at 6PM at Student Union.

Aaron is keeping a list of people who want to be learning about logistics.

Our Facebook page was started on Sept. 27 or 28 and it has 1966 likes.

Get here at 5pm to hold signs on Ocean and GA starts at 6pm.