Occupy Long Beach

we are the 99%

October 7th, 2011

Meeting called to order at 6:15 by Jason

Statement of group commitment to consensus process

Introduction of hand signs by CC

Statement of non-violent intent by Ben

Committee Updates

Logistics is working on securing a location, and solidifying details
for the march route tomorrow. Winton called for more members to help
in logistics.

Demands – Ben stated forming a demands list has been put aside as the
group forms and we discover more about what we want as a group. They
are working on group actions that make sense with what we protesting.

Finance Trudi, Sharon, and Jonathan are collecting donations,
suggested Long Beach Credit Union and we voted to use them for our
bank. Trudi made us aware of the fact that we have sign up sheets with
roughly 120 names and only she and Sharon have copies. She asked if
the group felt comfortable sharing the contact information with all
people in group who are heading committees and have a need to look
through volunteer skills or get contact information. She proposed that
we send an email to all people signed up and ask if we can share their
contacts. We voted yes. Someone suggested we state we will not use the
contact list for any other purpose than Occupy Long Beach. We voted
yes on that.

Arts and Education is making signs for the demonstration on Saturday.
Mickey says she found ideas for the sign slogans on
Occupytogether.org. They are discussing activities and education for

Peacekeepers and Medics called for help in directing the march on
Saturday in a peaceful and compassionate way. Jordan discussed the
visit from a police officer at the beginning of the meeting. Police
department recommends an open dialog and states that we can’t block
traffic. If we want to arrange for arrests we can tell the police
about it ahead of time to keep it peaceful.

There was a request for stronger outreach, dedicated to educating the
public about us. Valerie was voted as new committee head for Outreach.

A Facilitation Committee is forming to teach people how to moderate
discussion in GA and to moderate meetings. Talk to Jason about that.

The Summary of previous meeting agreements follows. Demands committee
will focus on actions separate demands list will come later. There is
now an agreement to restate the agreement just after voting on it to
have a clear record of what we voted on. The Saturday march will meet
at Long Beach Blvd. and Ocean and head to Magnolia and then back and
to Lincoln Park. There will be a meeting in the Park until dusk. There
was an agreement that the assembled will not make signs that demean
others and a statement that we are a non-partisan group.

The Lawyer Committee is still forming, we had two offers of help at
the meeting tonight and Sharon found 2 local lawyers to help with

Ben is talking to our local politicians and telling them to come visit
and discuss our issues with us.

Sharon talked about the march on Saturday as the first action we will
take together to begin asserting our rights. She proposed having a
group of people as police liaisons and herself, Tamara, Winton and
Jordan volunteered for that position. We voted yes. There was
discussion on how to handle anyone who would seek to join our group
and then act out violently. Aaron suggested welcoming people into our
group and educating them to our non-violent methods.

Aaron has started a more private listserve where our planning can be
discussed so that there is documentation of what is happening with
committees and volunteers.

Three was an agreement to vote on occupation site on Monday’s GA. CC
is asking for more people on the site location group.

The group as a whole broke out into smaller committees.

We came back together and Jason volunteered to do a last minute press
release for the Saturday march. He has done many press releases, the
group voted to let him take the lead on that. We agreed that on the
first march we will request that everyone be mindful of bringing food
and water because logistics is not ready to do that yet.